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Welcome to Simi Valley Unified School District's new website. Please pardon our dust as we import our content and format the pages. When complete, we are confident that our new site will be a valuable resource to our community.

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1st Grade Spelling Menu

1st Grade: Spelling Menu

Here are some fun ways to practice your spelling words:

Vowel or consonant?
Write each spelling word. Draw a green circle around each vowel. Draw an orange line under each consonant.

Z to A
Write your spelling words in Z to A order.

Color by Code
Use the color code. Write each spelling word in code.
a-e=red    f-j=blue    k-o=green    p-t=purple    u-z=orange

 Writing Riddles
Choose 5 different spelling words. Write a riddle for each one. Example: I have three letters. I rhyme with cat. You can wear me on your head. What am I? (answer: a hat)

Shipshape Spelling
Write a word triangle for each spelling word.

Dear Teacher
Write a note to your teacher. Use 5 or more spelling words in your note. Draw a blue line under each spelling word you use.

In the News
Write a story for the newspaper. Use 5 or more spelling words in your story. Draw a red box around each spelling word you use.

Hot on the Trail
Hide your spelling words in a letter trail. Draw a purple circle around each spelling word.

Word Sort
Think of at least two different ways to sort your spelling words. This can include alphabetically, beginning letters, number of letters, etc. Have someone at home see if they can guess how you sorted your words.

Word Search
Create a word search using your spelling words. Use a highlighter to solve.

Spelling Sentences
Write each spelling word in a sentence. Underline the spelling word. Be sure to use correct capitalization and punctuation.

Keeping in Shape
Draw a large outline of a simple shape. Write your words within the shape. Keep writing your words until the shape is filled.

Spelling Puzzle
Write each word on a piece of paper. Cut the paper into pieces. Make sure you cut through the words. Try to put your puzzle back together.

Newspaper Detective
Search a page in the newspaper. If a word is on your spelling list, circle it with a crayon. Figure out your score. Each word you find is worth 5 points.

Reading Detective
Look for your spelling words in the book you are reading. Keep a tally to show how many times you found each word.

Crazy Spell
Write each word in 5 different ways (backwards, sideways, diagonally, teeny tiny, huge, up and down, in a circle, etc.).